Maison D' Avril

Modelling School & Agency

Dear Queens & Kings

Our mission in Maison D’ Avril is to build a formidable team that discovers, manages and transforms intending models to be the top notch to clients Locally, Regionally and Internationally. MDA is here to groom you to be a:
* Runway Model
* Fashion (Editorial) Model
* Swimsuit & Lingerie Model
* Commercial Model
* Part Model
* Promotional Model
* Print Model
* Glamour and Fit model
What makes MDA operating strategy unique is the introducing of middle childhood (from age 4) – adulating (31) into modelling. We are passionate about showcasing the very best and upholding a strong belief that somewhere lies the uniqueness in our modelling school and agency as well as transforming models. Our institution which was established with love, passion and hard-work was founded Feb 18th 2022. Our studio comprises of a fittings studio, a makeup studio, a standard photography studio, a dance studio and our fashionable display of custom made kimonos from KWL (Kimono with Love) in our showroom. MDA coaches, Models, students and clients are paramount which is why we ensure all registration and booking be done online through our website in accordance with social distancing to World Health Organization (WHO), Centres for Diseases and Prevention Control (CDC).
Welcome to Maison D'Avril.
A Modelling School and Agency.